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Root Canal (Endodontics)

Oftentimes, whether due to damage, infection or decay, individuals need to undergo a Root Canal procedure in Buffalo, New York.  Doctors Ben and Julia Oppenheimer have the experience and expertise to help you find the right procedure to help your oral ailment.  Think you might be in need of a root canal?  First learn a little bit more about how the procedure works and why you might need one.

Root Canal, or Endodontics, is the process of removing the nerves from the roots of a tooth.  A root canal is often necessary to save an infected tooth.  If an infected tooth is left alone for a long period of time, an abscess can form.  An abscess will show up on an x-ray as a dark spot below the apex of the root.  This is actually bone loss in the jaw.  It is very important to catch this problem before it deteriorates too far.

Root Canal Process

The first step of the procedure is to anesthetize the effected area.  The next step is to open an access point through the top, or biting surface of the tooth.  The doctor will then determine a working length of each canal.  Each canal is then cleaned and shaped in preparation for the filling material.  Once each canal is prepared, it is filled with an inert material called gutta percha.  The canals are then sealed.  The tooth is now ready for a restoration, which is usually a crown.  This entire procedure is often completed in two visits.

Why is a Root Canal Needed?

There are a number of reasons why one of your teeth may need a root canal.  These include but are not limited to, a very deep cavity that extends into the nerve, a trauma to the tooth that exposes the nerve, or a crack in the tooth that extends into the nerve of the tooth.


  • Moderate to severe lingering toothache pain when drinking hot or cold liquids or foods.
  • Moderate to severe pain when biting on a tooth
  • Sensitivity to tapping or pressure on the tooth
  • Toothache that wakes you up in the middle of the night
  • A pimple on your gum that may release pus or blood
  • Radiating pain from one area of the mouth to another

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, chances are you have an infected tooth that is in need of a root canal.  The root canal treatment in Buffalo, while common, can be difficult to complete successfully.  For results that last, visit Doctors Ben and Julia Oppenheimer for more information on root canals in Buffalo today.