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Finding the perfect smile is a goal of many individuals and GlamSMILE treatments in Buffalo, New York can help you do just that.  Doctors Ben and Julia Oppenheimer offer patients the very best in porcelain veneers with GlamSMILE.  Learn more about these innovative treatments and see if they are right for you.

GlamSMILE Veneers

Beautiful teeth in less than an hour is what you’ll get with this fast, safe and painless GlamSMILE treatment in Buffalo. The ultra-thin GlamSMILE veneers transform your teeth into a radiant smile that perfectly fits you.

More men and women are finding that porcelain veneers can be the perfect answer to their smile. Porcelain veneers are a very thin sheet coating of hard porcelain or composite resin that is attached to the surface of your tooth enamel. This material has a natural white look and luster which make your teeth seem bright and flawless. Those patients with crooked teeth, gaps between teeth or cracked teeth can benefit greatly from this treatment.

The GlamSMILE Procedure

This GlamSMILE process takes very little time (less than an hour) to complete.  The procedure will begin with Doctors Ben and Julia Oppenheimer removing the damaged or decayed part of your teeth and filing down any cracks or gaps.  Once this is done, the porcelain will then be bonded to your teeth.  Once firmly attached, the porcelain will then be properly shaped to give you a beautiful, natural look.

This treatment is quick, relatively painless and a much  more economical option when compared to other dental procedures.  Patients who take care of their GlamSMILE veneers can have a beautiful, lasting smile for decades!

Learn more about GlamSMILE Veneer treatments in Buffalo today and see if this innovative treatment is right for you!


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