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Bonding/White Fillings

Teeth bonding is a great way for residents in Buffalo, NY to get the smile they’ve always wanted, without the cost. A cracked and broken tooth is a problem for many, one that is often fixed with silver fillings, amalgams or veneers. But for those who are looking to fix cracked or broken teeth without silver fillings or the cost of more expensive procedures may be a candidate for bonding or white fillings in Buffalo.

Tooth bonding is a composite resin that is used as an alternative to amalgams and veneers. This is an excellent cosmetic option for those patients in the Buffalo area who do not want the look of silver in their mouths and do not want the expense of veneers. Bondings can be used to correct teeth that are decayed, cracked, or stained.

So how to know if bonding treatments in Buffalo are right for you?  Before deciding on a dental procedure, it is first important to visit a reputable dentist and go over all of your options. Doctors Ben and Julia Oppenheimer have the experience and expertise necessary to help you choose the right procedure for your dental needs.

The bonding procedure is very simple and straightforward, which is why so many patients choose to undergo it. Treatment is usually completed in one visit and patients can then enjoy their new smile. The first step of the bonding treatments in Buffalo is to remove the decayed or unsightly portion of the tooth. Once this is completed, the tooth is then etched with a liquid or gel and a bonding agent is then applied. This allows the composite resin to be placed in the prepared tooth. Once placed, the resin is then trimmed and polished, leaving you with a beautifully sculpted, natural-looking restoration.

Traditional dentistry called for silver fillings or more expensive procedures like porcelain veneers to make your smile look and feel authentic.  But today, patients have another option: bonding.  While bonding treatments can get you fantastic results, their durability is not as strong as other types of restorations. Bonding resins typically last from four to seven years before they begin to chip and wear away. When this happens, patients will need to undergo additional restoration.

Whether you have chipped, cracked stained or broken teeth, bonding treatments can help.  Before deciding on an expensive procedure, consider a more logical alternative. To find out more about the bonding/white filling procedures, stop in and see Doctors Ben and Julia Oppenheimer today.